What are ground engaging tools?

Ground Engaging Tools, also known as G.E.T, are high wear-resistant metal components that come into direct contact with the ground during construction and excavation activities. Regardless if you are running a bulldozer, skid loader, excavator, wheel loader, motor grader, snow plow, scraper, etc., your machine should be equipped with ground engaging tools to protect the machine from necessary wear and possible damage to the bucket or moldboard. Having the right ground engaging tools for your application can result in many benefits such as fuel savings, less stress on the overall machine, reduced down time, and reduced maintenance costs.

There are many types of ground engaging tools that are used for different applications. Cutting edges, end bits, ripper shanks, ripper teeth, teeth, carbide bits, adapters, even plow bolts and nuts are ground engaging tools.No matter what machine you are using or application you are working with, there is a ground engaging tool to protect your machine.

Innovations in ground engaging tools(GET) are increasing the life expectancy of machine parts and increasing production, while decreasing the overall cost of machine ownership.
GET includes many large machines, along with attachments that can be linked up with excavators, loaders, dozers, graders and more. These tools include protective edges for existing components and penetrating equipment to dig into the ground. They come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of different materials and environments , whether you are working with soil, limestone, rocks, ice or something else.

Ground engaging tools options are available for popular machine categories for many industries.For example, GET equipment is often equipped to the buckets of excavators and loaders and to the blades of dozers, graders and snow plows.

In order to decrease equipment damage and increase productions, contractor are using more GET equipment than previous.The global ground engaging tools market is expected to growth rate(CAGR) of 24.95 percent during the period 2018-2022, according to a report titiled”Global Ground Engaging Tools(GET)Market 2018-2022”published by ResearchAndMarket.com .

According to the report, two major drivers for this market are the exponential rise of smart cities and the trend of employing eco-efficient mining practices.

Post time: Dec-07-2022