Two control systems of imported driving wheels

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Accelerate Slip Regulation (Accelerate Slip Regulation), or Acceleration Stability Retainer. As the name implies, it is a control system that prevents the imported drive wheel from accelerating and slipping. Its purpose is to prevent the vehicle, especially a high-horsepower car, from starting and accelerating the imported drive wheel from slipping, so as to maintain the stability of the vehicle direction and maintain good control. It has good driving safety and good driving force. Its principle is not complicated: when the computer detects that an imported drive wheel is slipping, it will automatically reduce the output power of the engine and apply brakes to the slipping wheel until the wheel resumes normal rotation. No matter how high-end a car, it only conflicts with the ground with an area of u200bu200btens of square centimeters, which is the grounding area of u200bu200b4 tires. If the wheel slip is not controlled, the car will lose control. Don't think that it is dangerous if the wheel locks up only when braking, and that the wheel slips at the start will also cause problems. Body dynamic control system. The self-developed DSC control system integrates the ASC automatic stability control system and the traction control system, which can control the slip state of the imported drive wheels by selectively braking the imported drive wheels that appear to be slipping, so as to respond to the vehicle. To stabilization. On icy and snowy roads, deserts or gravel roads, the driver only needs to press a button to make the vehicle enter the DTC mode, thereby enhancing the traction of the vehicle on the above-mentioned road. At the same time, because the intervention response limit of the DSC dynamic stability control system is slightly extended, the traction and driving force of the vehicle are also increased, and the driver can enjoy an extraordinary sports driving experience. Another function of the DSC dynamic stability control system is the CBC cornering braking control system, which can eliminate the tendency of the vehicle to oversteer through asymmetric braking force control when turning lightly.
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