Troubleshooting of hydraulic system of construction machinery

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
The hydraulic mechanical transmission system is mainly composed of driving wheels, hydraulic pumps, control valves, torque converters, transmissions and power shift transmission valves, and its failures are usually manifested as weak walking or poor hydraulic clutch engagement. The system is mainly composed of a hydraulic pump, a control valve, a hydraulic motor and a hydraulic cylinder. Its faults are mainly manifested in the walking or turning of the motor, and the extension and retraction of the hydraulic cylinder piston. The common characteristics of these two system failures are: System Insufficient pressure.   2 On-site inspection and diagnosis of faults (1) On-site preliminary inspection and diagnosis According to the fault phenomenon, find out the relevant situation, and analyze the location of the fault and the initial cause according to the hydraulic system diagram. The seemingly simple cause cannot be ignored, and more Do not dismantle blindly, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. During the specific inspection process, the following steps should be followed.   ①Get to know the situation with the driver, and have a detailed understanding of the state of the machine when the drive wheel of the excavator fails, the sound, etc. This avoids making a fuss and making it difficult. For example, a 966D loader, after changing the oil in the transmission, found that the machine was unable to walk. The torque converter oil temperature was too high. After inspection, it was found that the transmission oil number added was wrong. After the cause of the fault is caused, the fault can be quickly eliminated.   ② Perform the necessary specific operations. Sometimes, the driver is not clear about the cause and effect relationship of the driving wheel of the excavator, which makes the fault diagnosis difficult. At this time, the necessary on-site operations will be obtained. Great benefits.
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