The development trend of wear-resistant castings

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Abrasion is one of the main sources of material and energy consumption in industry. Among them, abrasive wear is more serious, accounting for about 50% of various types of wear. my country's wear-resistant castings consume more than 2 million tons per year, and it is also increasing at an annual rate of 15%. The wear-resistant casting industry is a new type of industry with strong vitality that directly serves the building materials, cement, metallurgical mines, and thermal power generation industries. There will be a large number of wear problems during the mining, crushing, grinding and conveying of materials, resulting in machine zero, In order to maintain the normal production and operation of the cement industry, there must be a continuous supply of sufficient wear-resistant castings for component damage. In the cement industry, the consumption of spare parts and electrical energy occupies a very large proportion of its production costs. In recent years, the wear-resistant casting industry has continued to grow and grow with the development of my country's national economy, and has gradually become an independent industry. At present, the wear problem is actually inevitable and objectively existing in the industry. Therefore, as long as there is the development of the basic industry of raw materials, it is necessary to have a continuous supply of parts and components for the manufacture of wear-resistant castings. Moreover, with the continuous progress of the industry and the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, the demand for the quantity and variety of wear-resistant materials will continue to expand, and the wear-resistant casting industry will become more prosperous and have stronger vitality. Therefore, we call the wear-resistant casting industry an 'immortal industry' based on this.
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