The development of wear-resistant castings

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Wear-resistant castings occupies a large share of wear-resistant materials due to their good wear resistance, better toughness and reliability, and they have achieved huge economic benefits when applied to high-stress conditions. Wear-resistant castings are mainly developed in two directions: 1. High wear resistance of wear-resistant castings: The wear resistance of the material is closely related to the mechanical properties of the material (such as hardness, toughness, metallographic structure) and working conditions. Generally speaking, under the conditions of lower impact and lower stress, the hardness of the material is the key. Choose high-hardness (after wear) materials, such as high-chromium and medium-chromium steels, which have very good wear resistance. High manganese steel has been improved to work hardened to a higher hardness, which can also be used in this occasion. Under the working conditions of high stress, high impact, and hard materials, toughness is the main factor, and its safety should be ensured first, and then wear resistance. Under the premise of satisfying toughness, materials with higher hardness should be used, such as modified high manganese steel, ultra high manganese steel, bainite steel and dual-phase steel. 2. Wear-resistant castings reduce costs: the final positioning of any wear-resistant material is the price-performance ratio. Ignore this law, the consequences will be very serious. In recent years, in the research of wear-resistant castings, the following work has been mainly done: One is to improve the traditional properties, such as the modification of high manganese steel and low alloy steel. The second is to develop high-toughness materials, such as bainite steel and dual-phase steel. The third is the improvement of manufacturing process, such as: surface strengthening technology, explosive hardening of high manganese steel. The fourth is to develop steels containing high-hardness carbides, such as medium and high chromium steels.
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