The development direction of wear-resistant parts in my country

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Wear-resistant parts are mainly used for abrasive wear conditions in metallurgy, electric power, construction, building materials, coal, petrochemical, transportation and machinery industries, especially for mining crushers and excavators in the metallurgical industry, metal rolling mills, and ore dressing mills; Coal mills in thermal power plants in the power industry; ball mills in cement plants in the building materials industry, crushers in quarries and excavators. According to preliminary statistics, the annual consumption of wear parts for abrasive wear conditions in my country is about 2 million tons. Ball mill grinding balls are still one of the most used wear-resistant parts in my country, among which iron ore ball mills have a large amount of grinding balls. The development prospect of wearable parts is very broad. The product structure of the wear-resistant parts manufacturer determines the company's management mode and operation method, and the effective positioning of the product is the foundation of the company. The two methods of single-variety high-quality large-scale production and multi-variety specialized production are more suitable for the majority of domestic wear-resistant parts enterprises. The former chooses single wear-resistant parts such as grinding balls, jaws, shovel teeth and other products to organize the production. The goal is to achieve a certain product well. Because of the single product structure, the production efficiency will be relatively high and the product quality will be relatively stable. , Management is easier to put in place; the latter enterprises are mostly large and medium-sized enterprises, always taking the market as the guidance, choosing a variety of product production methods, and striving for a full set of independent production methods from casting to heat treatment to machining to pursue very high standards. profit. There are many successful examples of multi-variety specialized production enterprises at home and abroad, but domestic enterprises should pay special attention to the fact that enterprises must have a higher level of production technology, high-quality employees, complete production equipment and quality testing equipment, and high Comprehensive management capabilities.
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