Reasons for the wear of the driving teeth of the excavator

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional excavator drive gear manufacturer with many years of experience in the production of excavator drive gears. The reason for the rapid wear of the excavator drive gear:    1. Check whether the gear sleeve of the asynchronous synchronizer is worn, if any Just replace it, and pay attention to ensure that it is fully meshed with the synchronizer gear sleeve during installation.   2. Check if the gear sleeve of the out-of-phase synchronizer is not obviously worn, the drive gear of the excavator may not be of the original material. If the mesh is not complete, the material of the drive gear of the excavator is not good, and it is easy to wear, whether it is the tooth surface or the joint angle.   3. If the combined bearing clearance is large, rapid wear will occur.   4. Try not to coast in neutral, especially when going downhill in high gear.
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