Precautions for excavators when digging and loading

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
1. Operation essentials when digging soil and throwing squares: After lying down the machine in the work site, open the two arms, and after the bucket mouth and the two arms are basically parallel, the bucket falls on the ground and is recovered to the second After the arm is basically vertical to the ground, stop. While retracting the two arms, point the boom and retract the bucket to make the bucket full and flat. Raise the boom so that the bottom of the bucket is rotated after being off the ground. When throwing soil at the designated location, the two arms are opened, the bucket is opened, and the soil is thrown at the designated location; after rotating the machine to the designated excavation location, continue the next excavation and throwing action. 2. Precautions during loading: ① The bucket should not be swung over the driver's cab and the body of the dump truck when loading the truck. ②According to local conditions, try to rotate at a small angle to improve work efficiency. ③When unloading the vehicle, pay attention to unload the soil from a proper height to prevent damage to the vehicle. ④When loading the truck, start from the front of the earth-carrying truck, or from the middle to the two sides and three cutter heads, and load it evenly.
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