Parts of imported excavator accessories

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of imported excavator parts. Imported excavator accessories generally refer to those parts that can be assembled into a complete excavator. In the industry, they often refer to vulnerable parts or detachable parts according to construction requirements. The included parts are:   ①Standard arm and extended arm.  ②Standard buckets, ditch buckets, thumb buckets, grid buckets, screen buckets, rock buckets, reinforced buckets, clean buckets, inclined buckets, trapezoidal buckets.  ③ Bucket hook, rotary hydraulic grab, mechanical gripper, gripper, wood gripper, hydraulic gripper, quick coupling, ripper.  ④Quick connectors for excavators, excavator cylinders, hydraulic shears, hydraulic tampers, breakers, vibrating hammers, bucket teeth, crawlers, gear seats, sprocket wheels, support wheels, etc. The main excavator accessories are: standard boom, standard forearm, two-section extended boom (13m-28m), three-section extended boom (12m-28m), reinforced digging Bucket, standard bucket, rock bucket, piston rod, hydraulic cylinder assembly, cylinder barrel, hydraulic grab, grapple, loading and unloading bucket, ripper, bucket teeth, quick-change joints, tooth seats, connecting rods, pins Imported excavator accessories such as shafts and bushings.
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