Optimal Modification of Bucket Teeth of Excavator

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
From the failure situation of the bucket teeth of the excavator, it can be analyzed that the tips of some bucket teeth are not worn much, but they are broken from the middle. It can be seen that the difference in the structure of the bucket teeth has a greater impact on the service life.   Bucket tooth structure mainly includes installation angle, shape, etc. Therefore, when installing and designing bucket teeth, simulation software can be used to simulate bucket tooth working conditions and optimize the structure, thereby improving the wear resistance and service life of the bucket teeth and saving enterprise costs. In recent years, companies specializing in the production of bucket teeth have developed bucket tooth structures suitable for different working conditions, such as A-type, C-type, P-type, F-type and H-type, etc., and have simplified the installation form, improved work efficiency, and reduced Business costs.   If improvements can be made to the bucket tooth structure, a silicone rubber cushion cover should be added between the tooth seat and the tooth sleeve to bridge the gap. The results show that the improved structure eliminates some shortcomings of the existing structure, is simple in structure, and easy to manufacture; in emergency construction, when the tooth pin falls off or needs to be replaced when the tooth pin is worn out, it can save valuable construction time for the user.   When digging hard materials, the silicone oil rubber damping pad can directly play a role in damping, reducing the impact of the impact on the hydraulic system, electrical system and the entire machine structure, playing an effective protection role, and extending the service life of the excavator.
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