On the Development Situation of Domestic Excavator Parts Manufacturers

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology once issued the 'Implementation Plan for the Revitalization of the Mechanical Basic Parts IndustryFor manufacturers, it is a program that encourages development and innovation. The plan proposes key development and breakthroughs in seven areas including high-efficiency and clean power generation equipment, high-end cars, heavy-duty trucks, rail transit equipment, and ships. According to industry insiders, Chinese excavator parts manufacturers adopt the same production model as international companies, that is, they purchase parts from foreign excavator parts manufacturers for assembly. However, the selling price of domestically-made machines is much lower, which leads to the profits of Chinese companies. The rate is much lower than that of international competitors. This situation makes my country must strengthen the development of the upstream industry of excavator parts manufacturing, among which the industry of excavator parts manufacturers should be paid more attention to.   Although my country's machinery manufacturing enterprises have achieved relatively rapid development in recent years by relying on the rapid growth of market demand, they have achieved very limited profits in the entire industrial chain. Taking excavators as an example, various imported excavator parts account for 40%-50% of the profits, which are mainly obtained by high-precision parts manufacturers such as Japan and Germany. However, Chinese enterprises only rely on the assembly process to obtain a small part of the profit. .
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