Maintenance cost of excavator 'four wheels and one belt'

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Taking bulldozers as an example, the maintenance cost of the 'four-wheeled belt' accounts for about 60% of the annual maintenance cost of the bulldozer. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand how to properly use and maintain the 'four-wheeled belt'. Correct operation and use: (1) Improper high-speed driving is prohibited. The high-speed crawler walking mechanism will make the pin sleeve and the driving wheel of the excavator, the crawler section and the guide wheel, the crawler section and the supporting wheel collide with each other under the impact load, resulting in the wear-resistant driving tooth surface, the outer circle of the pin sleeve, etc. Premature wear of the guide wheel treads, roller treads, and track section treads will also cause pin sleeves and track shoe cracks, roller flange damage, and track section pin breaks. In addition to these impact forces, the track frame and main vehicle will be broken. The chassis parts of the frame are cracked, bent or broken. Therefore, you should avoid sharp turns at high speeds as much as possible. (2) Do not make the track shoe slip under overload. If the track shoe slips, it will cause reactive power loss of fuel and shorten the life of the track shoe; if the track starts to slip, the excessive load should be reduced; in order to prevent the chassis from lifting off the ground, the amount of loosening and digging must be controlled depth. When the excavator machine turns, it is better to make slow turns and make big turns. (3) Don't let one track load for a long time. When the excavator works for a long time, most of the load is applied under the unilateral crawler, and the parts of the running mechanism will be worn or damaged prematurely due to uneven force. (4) Avoid driving across floating rocks as much as possible. The chassis of the driving wheel of the excavator slanted on the drifting stone, which exceeds the swing of the balance arm. The bending moment or thrust will act on the parts of the crawler frame and the running mechanism. The impact load will cause cracks in the parts of the running mechanism and various chassis parts. , Twisting, breaking and other damages.
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