JG608S double drive wheel excavator

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Double-drive wheel excavator (JG608S) product introduction: JG608S type double-drive wheel excavator is a 6-ton model with 360-degree full rotation that has been adopted in China. Praised by the majority of users, JG608S four-drive wheels are improved on the basis of 608C, making it a more complete system, more flexible hydraulic control, mature five-speed transmission, streamlined appearance design, compact structure, and spacious cab. Your control is more handy. Working range of dual-drive wheel excavation: boom length: 2870 mm. Stick length: 1650mm. Digging distance: 5700mm. Digging depth: 3230mm. Digging height: 6150mm. Radius of gyration: 1630 mm. Unloading height: 3730mm. Dimensions of dual-drive wheel excavation: total length: 1900 mm. Total width: 2180 mm. Machine height: 2860㎜. The distance from the outer edge of the stick to the rotary reducer in the state of dual-drive wheel excavation and transportation: 3620mm. Transport length: 5300mm. Ground clearance: 250 mm. Technical performance parameters: Engine power: 40kw/2300rpm. Whole machine weight: 6000㎏. Bucket capacity: 0.3m3. Working pressure of hydraulic system: 19.5Mpa. Quantitative pump: 2×46L/min. Double-drive wheel digging force: 41KN. Gradeability: 58% (30°). Ground pressure: 33Kpa. Walking speed: 35Km/h. Traction force: 40KN. Platform rotation speed: 10rpm. Fuel tank capacity: 130L.
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