Introduction to the characteristics of professional supply drive wheels

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Machinery specializes in supplying drive wheels. The main features of the drive wheels produced by our company:    1. Fast and agile: light and dexterous. You can be free to sit in a small cabinet, or in a crowded office, or even in an elevator. Empty shuttle.  2, the operation is simple: just press the driving control lever (left or right lever), you can move forward, let go and stop. There is a speed control knob on the right, stepless speed control, arbitrary setting. Toggle the key to the right to set the reverse car. At this time, the reverse indicator (green light) under the dashboard is on. Press the travel control lever (left or right stick) to move backward, and the reverse speed is 60 of the forward speed. %, let go and stop. Equipped with battery energy, speed display, horn, simple and flexible operation.  3. Flexible combination: The combination parts of the wheelchair machine can be matched with any form of manual wheelchair, and the general manual wheelchair can be economically converted to electric operation.  4. Unique structure: The front-mounted dual-drive wheels have strong reserve power and can exert strong power. The dual-drive wheels are tiltable and can adapt to rough roads.  5. Simple installation: ① fasten the telescopic universal frame to the frame; ② stack the battery circuit box; ③ hang the drive wheel steering assembly into the universal frame; ④ connect the motor cable and control circuit plug to the battery box. The whole process does not require a tool, it only takes less than a minute.  6. u200bu200bAfter splitting, the drive unit is stored separately, which is light in weight and small in area. The manual wheelchair keeps the prototype for independent use.  7. Ergonomic design, safe and practical.   Please choose a professional manufacturer of drive wheels when purchasing drive wheels.
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