Injector performance inspection when purchasing excavator parts

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
The performance inspection of the fuel injector when purchasing excavator parts. The fuel injection pressure and atomization condition of the fuel injector should be checked on the fuel injector tester. The tester consists of a manual oil pump, a pressure gauge, and an oil storage tank. The diesel in the oil tank enters the manual oil pump, and the pressurized high-pressure diesel enters the fuel injector and sprays out in mist. (1) When checking the fuel injection pressure, loosen the pressure regulating screw on the fuel injector, install the fuel injector on the tester, and repeatedly press the handle on the tester up and down to make the fuel injector and the high-pressure fuel pipe complete Full of diesel. Then slowly push the handle of the excavator while observing the reading of the oil pressure gauge. When the reading begins to drop, it is the opening pressure of the injector, and its value should meet the standard requirements. For example, the injection pressure of the 6135 diesel engine is 17.5Mpa, otherwise it must be adjusted. Most of the pressure regulation methods of the domestic excavator injectors are realized by adjusting the pressure regulating screw and changing the preload of the pressure regulating spring; for individual imported excavator models, it is achieved by changing the gasket. For example, Japan’s Toyota L series diesel engine can achieve pressure regulation. (2) The inspection of fuel injection quality should slowly and continuously press the handle of the tester to check the fuel injection quality of the fuel injector. However, for porous injectors, the oil sprayed from each nozzle hole should form a well-atomized small cone-shaped oil beam, and the interval angle of each oil velocity should comply with the original factory regulations. However, for pin injectors, the spray is required to be conical, not oblique, and the oil mist should be fine and uniform. For a fuel injector with good performance, there should be a clear and clear popping sound during fuel injection, and the atomization cone angle should comply with the regulations, and there should be no oil dripping. Otherwise, the fuel injector should be cleaned again or the coupling parts should be replaced.
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