Failure analysis of bucket teeth of excavator

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Bucket teeth of excavators are important parts of excavators, and they are also very worn parts. They are combined bucket teeth composed of a tooth seat and a tooth tip, and the two are connected by a pin shaft. Since the worn-out part of the bucket tooth is the tip of the tooth, just replace the tip. The bucket teeth of an open-pit excavator failed early due to severe wear during use. For this batch of bucket teeth, the failure modes and failure causes of the bucket teeth surface were analyzed, and some improvement measures were proposed. 1. Failure form: The bucket teeth of the excavator will fail in different degrees and forms when they are subjected to different degrees of wear and impact under different working conditions. The bucket tooth can only be used for 3 days (about 36h) under normal working conditions before it fails, and it does not meet the requirements from the economic point of view or the use point of view. From the macro photos of the failed parts, it can be seen that there are obvious furrow-like scratches on the front working surface of the bucket teeth of the excavator, the tip has a certain degree of plastic deformation, no cracks, the front working surface is thin, about 4mm, and the rear working surface The surface is about 8mm. 2. Summary: (1) The bucket tooth material of the excavator is low-alloy wear-resistant steel, which is more suitable for bucket teeth. However, due to the lack of heat treatment, the structure of the bucket teeth of the excavator is not uniform, the insert does not play its role, and the overall wear resistance of the bucket teeth is poor, leading to early failure. (2) It is recommended to properly normalize the castings after casting to improve the structure and performance and increase the service life of the bucket teeth of the excavator. After reasonable heat treatment of the casting, under the same working conditions, the service life of the bucket teeth of the excavator is increased by more than 2 times.
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