Excavator walking specification

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
When the excavator is walking, try to put away the working device and be close to the center of the machine body to maintain stability; put the final drive behind to protect the final drive.   Avoid driving over obstacles such as tree stumps and rocks as much as possible to prevent the driving wheel track from twisting; if it is necessary to drive over obstacles, ensure that the center of the track is on the obstacle.   When passing the mound, always use the working device to support the chassis to prevent the car body from shaking or even tipping over.   Avoid stopping the engine at idle speed for a long time on a steep slope, otherwise it will cause poor lubrication due to changes in the oil level angle.  The machine travels for a long distance, which will cause high temperature inside the supporting roller and final drive due to long-term rotation, lower oil viscosity and poor lubrication, so it should be stopped frequently to cool down and extend the life of the lower body.  It is forbidden to excavate by driving force of walking, otherwise excessive load will cause early wear or damage of the final drive, drive wheel crawler and other off-car parts.   When walking uphill, the driving wheel should be behind to increase the adhesion of the crawler.   When walking downhill, the driving wheel should be in front and the upper track should be tightened to prevent the car body from sliding forward under the action of gravity when parking and causing danger.  When walking on a slope, the working device should be placed in the front to ensure safety. After parking, gently insert the bucket into the ground and put a stop under the track.   When walking on a steep slope and turning, you should slow down, turn the left track backwards when turning left, and turn the right track backwards when turning right. This can reduce the risk of turning on slopes.
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