Excavator running-in period test

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
The running-in period is a period to test the quality of excavator wear-resistant parts, wear-resistant drive teeth, wear-resistant bucket teeth, wear-resistant tooth roots, etc. The characteristics of the excavator run-in period: 1. The wear speed is fast due to the processing, assembly and assembly of new machine parts Due to the influence of adjustment and other factors, the friction surface is rough, the contact area of u200bu200bthe mating surface is small, and the pressure condition of the surface is uneven. During the operation of the machine, the uneven parts of the surface of the parts are interlocked and rubbed against each other, and the fallen metal debris is ground. As an abrasive, it continues to participate in friction and accelerates the wear of the mating surface of the parts. Therefore, it is easy to cause wear of the wear-resistant parts (especially the mating surface) during the running-in period, and the wear rate is fast. At this time, if overloading is performed, it may be Causes damage to parts and early failures. 2. Poor lubrication. Due to the small fitting clearance of newly assembled parts, and due to assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the fitting clearance, and the lubricating oil (grease) is not easy to be on the friction surface A uniform oil film is formed to prevent wear. This reduces the lubrication efficiency and causes early abnormal wear of the mechanical parts. In severe cases, it will cause scratches or seizures on the friction surface of the precision fit, resulting in failure. 3. Loose new processing and assembly Wear-resistant parts have deviations in geometric shape and matching dimensions. In the early stage of use, due to the impact of alternating loads such as impact and vibration, as well as the influence of heat, deformation and other factors, plus the reasons for excessive wear and other reasons, it is easy to make the original tightening The parts are loose.
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