Drive wheel development

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
The front-wheel drive system is widely used today. First of all, it can greatly reduce the cost of cars, which is the main reason why many car manufacturers now choose this drive system. Front-wheel drive is much cheaper than rear-wheel drive in terms of manufacturing and installation. It does not pass through the drive shaft under the cockpit at all, and there is no need to make a rear axle housing. The transmission and differential are assembled in the same housing, so the required parts are very few. This front-wheel drive system also allows designers to more easily install other components on the bottom of the car, such as the brake system, fuel supply system and exhaust system. The ability to greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle is another very important advantage of front-wheel drive. Reducing the weight of the car can improve the acceleration, braking and fuel economy of the car. Because the driving wheels of a front-wheel-drive car bear the weight of the engine and drive axle, it can greatly increase the adhesion of the driving wheels, which will be very helpful for cars driving on wet and slippery roads. The advantage of wheel drive is that it can have a large indoor space, and the cab will not have a large bulge due to the passing of the drive shaft. If you look at the Honda Civic, you will find that this small car can also have a lot of rear seat space that a car can’t compare. This is because it has a flat floor, and at the same time, there is no rear differential, and there is no space for the trunk. Will increase.
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