Crawler assembly for excavator parts procurement

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
The crawler assembly in the procurement of excavator parts is one of the components of the action part, which is divided into crawlers (chain tracks) and tires. The total achievement of the track (chain track) is the general term that can form the part of the action with the track. It includes crawlers, crawler bolts (pins), but does not include load-bearing wheels, drive wheels, and guide wheels. There is also a saying that includes these tracks, track bolts (pins), load-bearing wheels, driving wheels and guide wheels, and the moving parts that do not include shock absorbers.   The front of the excavator walking system is a guide wheel, and the guide wheel is a tensioning oil cylinder, and the oil cylinder is filled with butter. The guide wheel is pushed forward by applying butter, which lengthens the grounding length of the crawler, and the crawler is also tightened accordingly.  Excavator parts-the track is always off, and many excavator users will have such failures, so what is the reason?   It may be that the car is old, only the supporting wheels and supporting wheels between the guide wheels and the driving teeth have been replaced, and the baffle of the chain rail is there.   When the excavator is walking, it will be forced to twist and not be in a straight line. Then the chain will fall. You can distinguish it by listening to the sound while walking. You have to be careful.
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