Comprehensive control system of hydraulic excavator

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Excavator manufacturers should pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of each system of the excavator when purchasing excavator parts. The main features of the integrated control system of the hydraulic excavator are described below:    (1) Load sensing hydraulic system with electronic control pressure compensation is adopted. It consists of a load sensing control valve and a load sensing control variable pump. The output flow of the hydraulic pump is always equal to the flow required by the actuator (hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor).  (2) An electronic control power adjustment system is adopted. This is mainly to set the power of the engine and the hydraulic pump through the computer to determine the engine throttle opening and the displacement of the hydraulic pump. In this way, different engine characteristics and hydraulic pump characteristics can be used according to different operating conditions of the excavator, and the characteristic curves are all determined by computer software.  (3) A manipulating system with artificial and electronic joint control is adopted. We know that the excavator's job site conditions are changeable and the operation is complicated, and manual manipulation is still indispensable, but the electronic control plays an important role in auxiliary adjustment. For example, the driver can manipulate only one handle during the entire operation of the excavator, and the rest of the actions are automated interlocking movements. We can adopt the manual priority principle, and the automatic control system suspends operation when the staff manually manipulates it.  (4) A handheld terminal fault diagnosis system is adopted, which can detect and deal with the faults of the excavator in time.
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