Bucket teeth have huge demand for excavator, loader, backhoe, bulldozer...... we produce high quality tips for construction and mining purpose. Our bucket tooth is made of alloy steel, after strict heat treatment process hardness can be HB470-500 outer and HB450-470 inner, material F-04 impact >17J/cm2 and material F-05 impact >21J/cm2(we can send you our material composition). wear spare parts is very competitive market, in order to win the market more, we have different design for different customer request.Also we use different material for the same tooth too, for example 9W8452RC, we can use our standard material F-04, it is already very good for most of the customers, but for mining we supply the top material F-05 to the customers who want the best performance--long wear resistance, customer do the test that F-05 can last 30-40% more compare with F-04.

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