Bucket adapter have huge demand for excavator, loader, backhoe, bulldozer...... we produce high quality adapters for construction and mining purpose. Our bucket adapter is made of alloy steel, after strict heat treatment process hardness can be HB400-460, material F-10 impact >25J/cm2 and material F-11 impact >28J/cm2(we can send you our material composition). wear spare parts is very competitive market, in order to win the market more, we have different design for different customer request, same as bucket tooth our adapters have different design too, means different weight, heavy means cover more material and it will have long wear resistance. We all know if the adapter break, it will cost a lot to repair the bucket, so for mining we supply the top material F-11 to against break, mining always means big adapter such as Caterpillar J600, J700...... F-11 is the right material which fit for the mining adapter, the material include Mo and Ni, so after heat treatment it have much better performance.

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