2010 Excavator Market Analysis

by:Join Machinery     2021-04-22
Statistics from the China Machinery Industry Federation show that the production and sales of the machinery industry increased rapidly in the first September. Among its 12 sub-industries, the growth of construction machinery is fast. Among many products of construction machinery, excavators are the “hot-selling” products in the construction machinery industry. From January to September, the sales of excavator parts also increased, and the total sales of excavators increased by 83.4% year-on-year. Excavators were originally a large market segment in the construction machinery industry. They can replace loaders and bulldozers in many occasions for construction operations. Since the 1990s, the global annual output of excavators has been much higher than that of loaders and bulldozers. The output has also led to the development of a large number of excavator parts manufacturers. The well-known excavator manufacturers in China have been moving frequently recently. According to the analysis of professionals, the sales of excavators in my country this year are very good, and the future situation of excavator accessories will also be bright. In the first half of the year, foreign-funded excavator brands such as Japan and South Korea still dominated the domestic market. The total foreign-funded market share reached more than 70%, and the excavator parts market was also dominated by foreign companies. However, under the counterattack of Chinese companies in recent years, the market share of the Korean market, which is dominated by the mid-end market, has shown a downward trend. Chinese companies are moving from the low end to the mid-to-high end market, and their market share is gradually increasing.
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